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Cool Jungle Adventure

Join the explorers and use the map to colour your way through an extraordinary jungle full of friendly animals, stunning leafy spots and breathtaking sites throughout the wilderness.

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About the book:

What makes Cool Jungle Adventure unique?

Cool Jungle Adventure is different from any other colouring book as it is a TRUE adventure.

There are two explorers, a page for packing bags and even a map at the front of the book which can be coloured in too.

Take the two explorers along with you and pack your bags as you are about to set off on a real adventure into the jungle.

Find the spots you want to visit in the jungle and then shade in that section on the map when you have finished colouring it in! 

Cool Jungle Adventure is for both adults and children, it is for EVERYONE!

Book's themes/aims:

  • Fighting Boredom
  • Releasing Stress
  • Forgetting Worries
  • Going on holiday from the comfort of your home
  • Letting your creativity run wild

Free Poster included!

At the back of each Cool Jungle Adventure copy is a removable poster which can be signed by me!

It is aimed for EVERYONE!

No matter what age, Cool Jungle is a colouring book for absolutely everyone as colouring is something that everyone can do. There are some more detailed drawings and less detailed drawings to tailor for everyone's likes and moods.

Book's synopsis:

Cool Jungle Adventure is a fun and engaging colouring book about a jungle journey, with a variety of jungle themed illustrations of wildlife and nature for people to colour in. With a range of remarkable illustrations, some are more detailed and others less, together they make the person using the book feel like they are on a real journey into the jungle, but from the comfort of their home.


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